Friday, June 8, 2012

A "relaxing" day

Tri 2 One’s training plan for today’s pre-race week workout stated:

Hello Julie Lucas,
Your workout for Thursday June 8th is

My plan was to do just that: RELAX!

Sophy has never been to San Francisco, so I decided to take her to Point Reyes, relax in the car, and absorb the beauty of North California various sceneries and natural world. It was mesmerizing. The panorama of the Natural Seashore Park was breath taking.

 As much as we were cherishing the moment and beauty in front of our eyes, we were eager to see more. We ran up the path and down the 600 stairs to catch sight of Point Reyes famous lighthouse. 

Here's a little glimpse:

The cold gusty winds gave us chills and in order to warm up we ran up the 600 stairs. Climbing those stairs reminded me of though training I have been doing to get ready for Alcatraz!
We then went to visit our first oyster farm and got to enjoy some fresh delectable oysters.

As if the landscape and wildlife were not enough, as we started to drive back to the city, we decided to stop by the Red Woods and go for a hike. The, what we thought was a 30 minutes walk, ended up being an almost 2 hour hike up and down the mountain through the sky-scraping trees. We got lost in the woods, met this bizarre women hiking by herself who ran off, and had a great time being silly singing, dancing, taking loads of pictures and most importantly admiring the beauty in front of our eyes.

The day might not have been as relaxing for my body as Coach suggested, but it was crucial for my soul. A little nature goes a long way. I feel refreshed, sane, and balanced and ready for a good night sleep! (and ready to give my legs some time to rest and recover)

 Good night! J