Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hell of a hill

Good morning to all!

I just finished the last bridge repeat training before I conquer the hills of San Francisco.

Last Friday night, I went to dinner for Gene's birthday, one of my close teammate. Lots of laughter and storytelling among triathletes: the recipe for a great evening!

The cherry on top of the cake was to be able to seat close to Craigypooh. He escaped from Alcatraz last year! I asked and therefore got all the unnecessary details of the race! The imagery of the bike start is already painted in my mind. "As you mount the bike, the crowd is screaming and going wild, you can feel the blood pumping through your veins, it's a straight flat shot out to a memorable bike journey. Take it in. Enjoy the moment because after the first turn you will be faced with this hell of a hill... somewhere around a 45% elevation..." His immense evil smile says it all! Excitement, fear, and nervousness reside in my mind at this moment!

But I am ready! I will conquer!! I will escape proudly!!!