In a nut shell

Triathlon is the ultimate endurance multisport. To me, triathlon is a lifestyle.

I have always been involved in sports, whether gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, synchronized swimming, or water polo, but none of those have brought me the passion and motivation triathlon has. A friend introduced me to the multisport, and within two weeks, I bought a bike, learned how to clip in, and participated in my very first triathlon. Immediately, I knew this was the sport for me.

To me, triathlon is...

simple joy of life, where you enjoy an early sunrise either swimming, biking, running or exercising with friends

A sport for anyone – no matter your age, size, athletic capacity or experience. Your are a triathlete when you have the dedication to cross the finish line and the will to swim, bike, run, and say “I DID IT.”

competitive but supportive sport. Triathletes always push themselves and each other. This becomes clear when a fellow triathlete passes you on the run and shouts “good job, keep going;” when an unknown cyclist stops and asks if you need help fixing a flat ; or when, after a harder than expected workout, a friend tells you to keep going, keep your eyes on the goal and push harder because you are worth it.

It is family; a chance to meet people who have the same interests, to enjoy a simple bike ride and appreciate the day, and to feel full of life by inspiring others and getting motivated by other inspiring athletes.

It is a standard of living: always doing your best, challenging your body and mind to the ultimate limit (whatever it is).

It is an opportunity to discover oneself, build relationships and discover the world.

One Race at a time, discovering the World...