Saturday, June 16, 2012

Like a kid in a playground

I just completed a 3.5 hour bike ride and feel amazing! I felt like a little kid in a playground playing with my bicycle!

Tri 2 One athletes gathered together at 6am in order to beat the Miami heat! The workout was ½ hour easy, ½ hour hard and so on… when I say hard, I mean we went hard. I pushed my teammate Cynthia to exhaustion… She is probably dead asleep right now! ;)  Our speed averaged 20.6 mph against the wind and 24 mph with the wind and up to 25. So much fun!  My favorite part: the sound of those wheels  Voom Voom Voom Voom.. I am sure triathletes and cyclists reading this are thinking “ooh yeaaaa, love that sound”!
Climbing the Miami Mountain! Almost there, you can do it girl!
I once in a while looked back to make sure Cynthia was still there and to my gratification, there she was, right on my back wheel. Very proud of her! During the easy ½ hour, she was very concerned about her heart rate making sure it was down to the acceptable zone Coach Marcello recommended. But during the 3 x ½ hour going hard, she had no time to look at her watch! There was no time for whining!

I am very pleased with today’s workout! My first workout back on the team's regular traning schedule since Alcatraz. It was fun, tough and most importantly, seeing Cynthia’s face and hearing her comments to coach and other teammates was rewarding! I love to push athletes to their limits and Cynthia was no disappointment! I am very proud of her! Bring it girl, show the world what you are made out of!
Now time for a healthy breakfast! Eggs, onions, lots of spinach with a little pepper! YUUMMM!!!

 Happy Saturday!