Monday, June 18, 2012

Escape From Alcatraz: Pre-Race Report

First, I must say Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon was one of the most amazing and most painful experience of my life!

Since I completed St. Anthony’s triathlon on April 29th, my eyes have been on successfully escaping from Alcatraz. Over the past two months, I have been training rigorously to get myself ready to climb the Hills of San Francisco doing bridge repeats and stair climbing. I live on the 32nd floor and it seems that the elevator has been out of service ever since! Throughout my training, I worked my way from climbing the building (44 floors) in 8 minutes to climbing in 6 minutes. Great progress but was it enough?

Here’s my elevator speech taken 3 days prior to the race:

My pre race training went well although the ocean was terribly cold. My face was burning and felt as if it was going to pop out of my swim cap. My hands and feet? Felt like a shark ate them... I wasn't sure they were still attached to my body....
Thank you Alina and Gave for lending me your Go Pro… I did put it to use. Check this out:

The day went well. The expo was exciting! The check in was fast and pain free. I did drive the bike course and it was terrifying... Good thing I don't get sea sick because it was up and down and down and up.... and turn and up and turn and up some more and down and turn... All that just does not fit in one picture!
 I felt ready and happy to have my friends and family with me although I did miss the Tri 2 One pre race gossip! J

I promise to publish the actual race report shortly!!! J