Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dedication no matter what!

Torrential rain invaded Miami over the past two days and flooded many streets. The parking lot surrounding my office building was submerged and unfortunately ruined some of my co-workers’ cars.

I have never seen so much rain in Miami other than during a hurricane. Nevertheless, I was quite impressed by the emergency action plan of B/E Aerospace. On the morning after the inundation, volunteers directed traffic to enable employees to park in surrounding buildings. Buses were organized to bring everyone to the “island” and lunch was provided to prevent lunch time chaos. 

Towing trucks moved the stranded cars out the parking lot to safe ground. Communication was succinct and as timely as possible. All in all, B/E Aerospace took care of its employees during the crisis in a very organized manner.

The inundation has been the discussion topic across all hallways. My co-workers teased me about my time availability and possible increased energy due to lack training. They were shocked when I told them that there was no slacking with Tri 2 One. On Wednesday morning, over 30 teammates showed up to run practice. And, this training was not an easy one. Three times five bridges progressively faster. I obviously was looking forward to go  to training as I try to climb anything in front of me to make sure I get all the elevation possible as my last weeks of Alcatraz training are around the corner. Looking over the bridge we could see the storm approaching but it did not stop us. We fed our energy from the thrilling dark blue gloomy sky. What a team – no one quit (beside the geicoach who, at the first sensation of wind, too shelter in his car). We ran and pushed through as much as we could while motivating each other. On the last set, my heart rate probably reached 190bpm. That evening, about fifteen of us showed up to open water training despite the high waves and currents. And this morning, we were also there and exerted ourselves through a tough bike training – five times five minutes hard core high gear interval with bridge repeats optional for the crazy one (yes of course I did them!). As expected, we got soaked again. I am not referring to light rain fall but a deluge!

Going down the bridge was not fun, but on a positive not, essential to gain the appropriate knowledge in any climate.

Currently on my way to California for a fun Memorial Day weekend. There will be no slacking. Let’s think of this weekend as cross training. Looking forward running San Diego trails and most importantly experiencing the Pacific Ocean and surfing the famous Cali surf spots! :D