Friday, May 11, 2012

D-30 Workout of the day!

Happy Friday to all!!!

First day reporting my work out and it did not go as planned!

My intention was to do 3x up and down the stairs from my apartment (I live on the 32nd) and a 4 mile run! BUT... As I am usually accompanied by my teammates, I worried about loneliness and decided to take my Ipod.... At 5:45 am, my electronic company was nowhere to be found! Consequently, I lost a bit of time looking for it and had to shorten my workout.
Nevertheless, the IPod was not needed! I enjoyed a nice sunrise and I still accomplished the following: Down, up, down from the 32nd floor to sea level, 4 mile easy run on the Venetian Causeway which included a short bridge, went back up the stairs to the 44th floor and down to the 32nd as a cool down!

San Francisco hills: I will conquer you!! :)