Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Hill

I might have extended myself by committing to post my daily workout… There just isn’t enough hours in a day! So let me rephrase and state that I am committed to share my exciting, breakthrough, difficult and incredible training days!

This morning is a great example of a remarkable training. I requested to Coach Marcelo to make my workouts a bit more demanding as I am getting nervous to hit the hills in less than 4 weeks! I am not sure if flat Florida will ever get me ready, but Coach Marcelo heard me and certainly tried to reproduce San Francisco in warm sunny SFL. This morning, I completed 12 bridge repeats (including 1 warm up and 1 cool down) off the saddle.

The warm up bridge was entertaining with the team. I was able to catch up with my IronMan Beto. After the bridge, the group went on to carry on their interval workout and I turned around unaccompanied to take on the “Miami hill”. The first main set bridge was extremely challenging. I was able to complete the elevation off the saddle only partially. I had to slow down for a few seconds to catch my breath. You don’t have to know me well to know how much of a disappointment it was. However, I was not going to let one bridge be a set back I looked around and there was nothing but the deep blue of the sky. The sun was about the rise and the world about the begin but there I was, alone with the bridges. No other triathlete to divert the pain and encourage me. Where was my strength? Going down the bridge at 32+mph, I felt the excitement and thought of what I always preach before a race: “It is all mental”. I found my inner force and completed all 9 remaining (main set) bridges off the saddle, some stronger than others, but I did conclude the workout with a solid positive feeling!