Thursday, September 20, 2012

Motivation Report!

If you read my last two posts you know that I have been feeling a bit of stress lately: having a reality check that the big race is coming real soon and experiencing a lack of motivation.

Last week, I promised myself to make a change in the way I think. Turning every negative though into positives no matter how hard it is and no matter how fake I might feel. The power of the mind is so important in building confidence and embracing the journey.
A good friend of mine is going to Kona very soon ( He had to overcome an ankle injury a few months back. He had all the reasons to be unmotivated and quit. By the time he would recover, he would only have less than two months to train for a full Ironman. But he did it. He turned his spirit around and is going for it. Working his body and mind to the fullest all the way to the finish line.

He had a few words with me. I am grateful he did!
This week was a good training week. I swam hard. I biked hard. and I ran hard. All consistent, painful and enjoyable! :) I am coming back strong! No Regrets!

Here is some of the messages he has been sending me randomly making sure his World partner is on her toes!


Thank you IronBeto!