Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Reality Check!

In 60 days I will be competing in the 2012 Sprint Triahtlon World Championship … wow I am starting to freak out. I keep on telling myself that I am in for the experience and the journey more than actually competing. I know deep down that competing at the World Championship level is a long shot. I keep on telling myself that the race is not that important mainly because I am an extremely competitive person and also so terribly afraid of disappointments.
Tri 2 One had a 3 K test this morning. The purpose of a 3 K test is to set training goals and zones. We had an easy swim set on Monday, rested on Tuesday in order to be rested and perform our best. No excuses.
My excuse: Not only I have not been sleeping well lately; unfortunately, I went to bed late last night and woke up exhausted. I tried to motivate myself to wake up and be ready to complete this 3K test with pride. But it was a complete failure. I thought I would have been able to pump myself up considering today starts the 60 days countdown to the championship. I started my first lap too fast in under 1:27. After completing it, I felt amazing. I tried to keep my pace constant and was actually successful for the following lap and a half. It was a downfall from there. I completely bunked. I could barely hold an eight minute per mile pace. My endurance was fine. My legs were fine (besides my hip hurting a bit). It was just impossible to run fast. I body could not do it. I had no energy. No need to share my time. I felt so disappointed in myself. Here I am supposed to feel fast and excited as the “once in a lifetime” race is approaching but I felt the complete opposite.
Once I arrived home, I started stretching and thought to myself of how much of a loser I was, thinking about how much of a stupid idea it was to spend so much money going across the globe for an hour and so race. I am far from being at the world’s top athlete level. Why would I set up myself for failure?  Why would I would I even have hope to somewhat come close to compete at that level.
Just like any time I have a mood variation, I posted on facebook how disappointed I was and how awful this morning felt. As soon as my post went live, I started receiving messages from fellow triathletes.

Stephanie Hartmann It's good to have a bad day now, not later.
Cynthia Morales I don't like your disappointment, i liked because I feel your pain. This just proves you're human! Even rock stars have bad days...
Christina Starr MontesdeOca One day of training does not make a champion. You have put in many many days of hard work, it will pay off!

Karen Garcia Super Juju, in the eight months I have known you, I have never seen you have a low day...your are consistently awesome! So I say, in the game of endurance you are ROCK strong! 60 days to another super race!! Go Juju, go!!!!!!!
Cristina De Molina Ramirez Ditto on what everyone said. To savor success you must taste failure. Keep on and you will reach the skies
Dirk Smeets What race?
Amrei Smit We all have bad days...better now than at Worlds. You will rock it, I have no doubt!
Caryn Vogel Lubetsky You are my hero and inspiration - you'll pull it out. Rehab that injury now - today you were smart, you felt it and didn't push it. That's the true sign of a champion, knowing your body.
Jose Manny Garcia Juju relax your a superstar.... You'll shine bright when it counts!!


I am so thankful for their comments. I do need to snap out of this negative and dragging feeling. I have the opportunity to compete among the world’s greatest. Many would love the chance to travel the world to compete at this level. So what if I am not in the top finishers. I need to keep my eyes on the goal which is to do my absolute best.

Moral of this post: Not everyday can be a win and only with failure we learn tough lessons. It is time to get over it and get mentally and physically strong. I have a lot of hard work ahead of me but I have 60 days, the race is not tomorrow. Anything is possible! Especially thanks to the moral support I have.
On this note, I am excited to share the the actual course of the race - courtesy of Tri Auckland.