Friday, April 27, 2012

Mercedes-Benz Coporate Run!!

Miami Mercedes-Benz Corporate run took place last night with over 22,000 miamians running through the street of downtown Miami. Why I love it…Simple, it gets people together while getting some exercise! Over a month and a half ago, I started a running program with B/E Aerospace to help my colleagues get ready for this exact run. The program was not rigorous training but rather an easy 2 to 4 miles walk/run depending on each level! The purpose was to create a foundation needed for some to build on and keep a running routine in their everyday life. Some needed more motivation than others but I am so proud of all of them for coming out and actually do it!

They tried their best and all accomplished way more than expected and that’s a pure reason to smile! J

Here’s a picture of my co-worker Alexia and I after the run.

Happy to be done! But most importantly happy to have been able to do it!

Congrats on your accomplishment!!! I am very proud of you for sticking with it! Working full time with three kids is difficult to find some time for yourself!
Now that you have done it…. Ready for a 10K? :) :) :)