Sunday, March 11, 2012

The reason

For about a week, I have been wondering what my first post should be about… First tri training workouts? This year's expectations? The swim? The bike? The run? But yesterday morning after training, it all came together… The reason behind this madness of triathlon. The real motivation behind getting up so early to endure pain.

 After a tough workout and nice recovery swim, a few Tri 2 Oners decided to go to 100% Natural (recommended local Key Biscayne restaurant known for its delicious and healthy breakfast), and there it was: the reason for my first post… Triathlon is not just a competitive sport. It is a lifestyle. It is a way of life shared by many who desire a positive and healthy influence in their life. Most importantly, why is triathlon so important in my life: the people.

 I joined Tri 2 One a little over a year ago when life became tough and I was in need of some positive influence. Although we did not know each other at first, my teammates took me in with open arms and have helped me and been there through thick and thin. They listened and helped me with their positive influence. The constant reminder to keep going and look forward to what is most important in life.

This blog is about the road to the Worlds Championship, the trainings, the lessons learned, the experiences; but most importantly the purpose of this blog is to share the true triathlon lifestyle and everything that comes with it, especially its people!!!

Yesterday at breakfast, we all chatted away our workout accomplishments, our upcoming goals, and more triathlon madness. Alina and I talked about nutrition and how neither of us knew how to make a good “bean” meal… Of course we took the challenge and decided to get together the following day and learn how to cook beans!

Another passion shared by triathletes: Food!